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After "mandates" started in 2020, we began providing breathable cheesecloth masks for those who are lovers of freedom like us. We still make & sell them here in our store, for those who are "mandated" to wear them for work, school, etc.

However, even though we didn't wear them ourselves, we did make some fabric masks in the beginning of 2020 for those who wanted them. Once they started being "mandated," we immediately stopped & focused on the cheesecloth masks, so people could BREATHE.

We have a small handful of the fabric masks left & are clearing them out. We personally suggest adding them to your emergency kits (think smoke, pollution, etc.), but you can also use them for other purposes, as you see fit.

*The "Large Aqua/Red Floral with Dark Gray/White Background" mask pictured on the bottom left & bottom right main photo, is the same mask - just showing both fabric sides.

ALL of these masks are size MED and will fit an average size woman's or teen's face.

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