Our Story

Welcome to Meraki by Nature™! Our mission is to "Bring Health back to Nature & Nature back to Health", by Reducing the Toxic Load for the People & the Planet. We use ONLY pure, non-toxic ingredients from sustainable, non-GMO sources.

We are Jennifer & Kirk Dayley, owners of The Healing Place, LLC & the Meraki by Nature™ product line. While ALL of our products will not smell like "chocolate", our signature line that started it all, does. We're pretty certain you'll be in heaven, as soon as you open your package.

PLEASE read our little (but big) story below... It's worth it. And don't forget to peek at the awesome photo at the end. :)

But FIRST - A portion of our sales are donated to 100 Humanitarians International™, an organization which provides Nutrition, Education, Sanitation, & Protection for the people of Kenya, Africa & other locations. This includes Garden Boxes, Days For Girls Kits, Mentoring, Rescue Centers, Cultural & Training Centors, & more.

We are also working to partner with Promethean Spark International, in their efforts to teach essential life skills such as discipline, goal setting, time management, creativity, confidence, cognitive development, critical thinking, hard work, and more... through training in the performing arts to impoverished youth worldwide. Their locations include India, Kenya, Nepal, Morocco, Costa Rica, & Mexico.

We're grateful to have sent our daughter, Ashlynn, to Kenya with 100 Humanitarians Int'l - 3 times in less than 2 years. By purchasing from us, YOU are contributing to our GREAT cause in helping heal the People & the Planet.


So... Here's the legacy leaving story:

Jennifer LOVES chocolate.

One morning as she was getting ready for the day, thinking about how she could bring more awesomeness to her business & help on a simpler but deeper level, PURE Divine Inspiration showed up.

Whipped. Chocolate. Body. Butter.

But not just any "chocolate" body butter! See, this family is a holistic, natural minded, & healthy whole-food family, that has a home full of non-toxic, nourishing ingredients. So this particular "chocolate" would be raw, unprocessed cacao. Her years of knowledge in the holistic world helped her put together a basic formula, that would ultimately lead to near product perfection.

It didn't stop there though... Meraki By Nature's  original 'secret ingredient' entered her mind as well, & she thought --- "Does that even exist???"

Well lo-and-behold, though it's not easy to find in the United States, YES... It did in fact, exist.

And then ANOTHER 'secret ingredient' showed up.

And then another.

And she knew she had something special & unique...

When the ingredients all arrived, she began formulating the day away. And it was then, that Meraki by Nature™ products were born.

They're changing the world already. Leaving an imprint of health & nourishment like she never imagined. All the way from delighting souls through its [original product's] incredible scent of real, unprocessed "chocolate"... receiving feedback from a nail technician who had suffered chemical burns, & the wife of a diabetic amputee - that this simple but heavenly body butter, was literally working MIRACLES.

In addition to current offerings, there is an incredible line-up of new products to come, all for the enjoyment, beautification, & nourishment of Body, Soul, & Home.


We're grateful & excited to bless the lives of people around the world with these products, that have had INCREDIBLE unexpected results.

Join us in this effort to Heal the People & Heal the Planet.

ASHLYNN in Kenya:

KIRK & JENNIFER - Founder/Owners & parents of Ashlynn:


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