Our Story

Welcome to Meraki by Nature™.

Our mission is to "Bring Health back to Nature & Nature back to Health", by Reducing the toxic load for the people & the planet. 

We use only pure, non-toxic ingredients from sustainable, non-GMO sources.
My name is Jennifer Dayley, founder & owner of Meraki by Nature™, a product line of The Healing Place, LLC.

A portion of our sales are donated to 100 Humanitarians International™, an organization which provides Nutrition, Education, Sanitation, & Protection for the people of Kenya, Africa & other locations. This includes Garden Boxes, Days For Girls Kits, Mentoring, Rescue Centers, Cultural & Training Centors, & more.

We're grateful to have been able to send our daughter, Ashlynn, to Kenya with 100 Humanitarians Int'l - 3 times in less than 2 years.  By purchasing from us, YOU are contributing to our GREAT cause in helping heal the world.


Through getting rid of toxicity & learning how to nourish myself about a decade ago, I was able to heal from over 20 health issues naturally, ditch 18 years of pharmaceutical medications, & shed 50 lbs.

I took my health into my own hands, changed my life, & helped my family change theirs. From there, I dove into helping customers & clients around the world make the transformation as well. 

In 2008 my transformation began, in 2013 my company, The Healing Place LLC was created, & in 2018 our product line, Meraki By Nature™ was born...


The story of the products:

I used to own a mineral makeup company & loved making body & personal care products over the years. But one morning in Oct. 2017 as I was getting ready for the day, I was thinking about how I could bring more value to The Healing Place & help humanity on a simpler but deeper level. And it was in that moment, that divine inspiration showed up.

Whipped. Chocolate. Body. Butter.


Yes, for real. But this was not just any "chocolate" body butter. This particular "chocolate" would be raw, unprocessed cacao.

My years of knowledge in the holistic world of health & nutrition helped me put together a basic formula, that would ultimately lead to the most luxuriously light, yet moisturizing & nourishing body butter ever.

Over the coming months I created more & more products. BUT THEN I received a random thought to formulate a specific kind of toothpaste. I have to give all the credit to God for this one... We were blown away at its perfection. Honestly, it's so nearly 'perfect', that we decided to name it:

Perfect Pearlies™ - Toothpaste In A Jar

The taste is amazing, the texture is divine, and the results & customer feedback are no less than incredible. But still yet, I never thought it would do what it's done...

It quickly became our #1 very best seller!


We continue to formulate new products, and we're changing the world one ingredient, one product, one customer at a time. We're leaving an imprint of health & nourishment --- all the way from delighting souls with our incredible scents & tastes --- to receiving feedback from a nail technician who suffered chemical burns, & the wife of a diabetic amputee, that our products were working miracles.

We're excited to continue creating products that bring enjoyment, beautification, & nourishment to the Body, Soul, & Home.


We're also grateful & excited to bless the lives of people around the world through our efforts & the generous support of our customers... Please join us in this effort to Heal the People & Heal the Planet.


Ashlynn in Kenya:

Below is a photo of me (Jennifer) and my husband & biggest supporter (Kirk), who helps me run my business, in addition to running his own real estate business through EXIT Realty Advantage™ in Utah.

*As of January 2020 - we are the proud & grateful parents of 3 daughters & 1 son, and grandparents to 6 grand-babies (3 boys & 3 girls).

I also serve clients to health, through whole food nutrition & mind-body therapy, over at The Healing Place - where it all began over a decade ago.