Hand wash (or machine wash gentle cycle) with non-toxic soap recommended. Line dry, or lay flat to dry.

To replace ear straps, simply pull a new strap through a safety pin, then holding the strap with your fingers, pull the safety pin through the channels on the mask. Tie to fit.


Because Meraki by Nature™ body & skincare products are of the highest quality and hand-made in small batches in our local US facility with 100% natural & earth-based ingredients, your product color, texture, & shelf-life may vary.

As with most of our products, a little goes a long way. However, using & replacing your products regularly, instead of having it go bad & waste before you're able to use it up, is to your advantage.

Shelf life will average 12-24 months when stored away from heat & light. To help your product last even longer, you may choose to store it in the fridge.


Please see more information about this on the INFORMATION page.

Our products are made made with pure & natural ingredients. Occasional melting (in warm/hot weather or storage) is an industry wide issue that is difficult to prevent. 

Like non-hydrogenated peanut butter, some of our products can separate in warm temperatures - with oil rising to the top, & the bottom becoming somewhat thicker. Our whipped products may even deflate. You might be surprised to see that your product looks different than you planned, but it does NOT affect quality or performance in any way... Your product is still just as effective, as if melting had not occurred.

Please read instructions below (or on the INFORMATION page), to help prevent melting, as well as what to do if melting (or freezing) occurs.


NOTE: DO NOT LET WATER GET IN YOUR JARS! We do not use toxic preservatives, so any water that gets into your jar will cause it to be a breeding ground for mold & bacteria. 

IF your product grows mold, it is because at some point during use or being open after shipment/arrival, water made its way into your product. We are not responsible if this happens, as no water is used in product manufacturing/production in our facility. You may leave the lid off and try to let it dry out, or you can scrape off the moldy part like you would cut it off of cheese, and use the rest that isn't moldy. If mold has made its way down deep into your product, you'll be safer to just throw it away & purchase a new one.

Moisturizers: For butters, creams, & balms that are in jars (non-pump), use a small scoop/spoon or your finger to remove a tiny bit out for general application on your skin.

If it is kept in a warm area, it may melt, separate, & sometimes deflate. This can also happen during shipping in hot weather.

IF this happens - all is well!!  Your product is NOT ruined. We recommend putting it in the fridge for a few minutes prior to opening, especially during the summer months, so it doesn't spill when you pull the seal off.

After it's cool but still soft, simply stir it back up in the container, OR pour contents into a bowl, then stir or whip it up (with beaters), & pour or scoop back into your container.

If your product has a spill proof lid (like our glass jars), you may also shake it before opening, to mix ingredients that may have possibly separated due to heat.

If extreme cold has caused your product to harden, leave at room or slightly warm temperature until it softens.

Please note: Lotion bars, lip balms, etc., are naturally harder & do not generally need softening. If too much softening occurs due to heat, simply put your tube or container into the refrigerator for a few minutes before using.

Scrubs & Exfoliators: Store at room temperature. Use a small scoop/spoon or your finger to take out the desired amount you need. Use both the courser scrubs & finer exfoliators with gentleness, so skin irritation doesn't occur. Do not use on broken skin.

May harden in cold temperatures. If this happens, stir until softened, or put in a warm area to soften, then stir back up.

May separate in warm temperatures. If this happens, put in fridge for a few minutes, then stir back up.

Toothpaste: Scoop a small pea size out of the jar with a toothpick, small scoop, the back of your fingernail, or - (what WE do): the back tip of your toothbrush behind the bristles.

Using water is optional - (Remember to NOT get water in the jar!). Our toothpaste is great for traveling & on-the-go (think after dinner at restaurants or scooping a small amount out for an instant "breath freshener". If there is no sink available after brushing, no worries! You can simply spit into a trash or toilet!

See the INFORMATION/FAQ page for additional help & conditional instructions.

Lip Balms: These are silky smooth. The beeswax they contain not only helps your skin stay hydrated, but it ALSO keeps it from melting easily, so it should be just fine in your pocket. But do not leave in hot locations, or it may melt.

IF melting occurs at any time, simply put your lip balm into the refrigerator for a few minutes before opening, to re-solidify.

Balms & butters may occasionally contain micro-textures of natural ingredients that resemble a mild exfoliator, but they will melt into your skin nearly on contact. Truthfully... the occasional texture is rare but kind of fun!


As is generally known with ALL personal & household care products, if irritation or sensitivity occurs, discontinue use. Keep out of reach of children. Oral care products are considered safe but are not recommended for swallowing. Please use your best judgment. Pregnant & nursing women, please use caution & consult your health care provider before use.

If you have an allergic reaction to any of our products, stop use immediately. We use pure & safe ingredients, & most people use our products just fine. However, as a safety precaution, and due to the growing number of compromised immune systems from unhealthy guts, we cannot guarantee that all people will be free of reaction from our products.

Our products are NOT intended to heal or cure any disease or health condition. They are ONLY intended for cleansing, beautifying, moisturizing, soothing, & supporting a healthy lifestyle.

Any benefits you feel you've experienced from using our products are PURELY COINCIDENTAL & NOT intended or claimed by us. Because our products are not registered as "drugs", these terms & clarifications are required by the FDA. 

See more on our INFORMATION page.

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