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"I’ve used the toothpaste and found my gums quit bleeding and I take an extra gob and put it on a sensitive tooth and that tooth is no longer." - Mickey B.


"Phenomenal products! I love the ingredients, the smell, the results." "Oh my gosh, I FREAKING love the Perfect Peppermint toothpaste. I mean, I love all of the toothpastes, but it's my now forever go to." - Heidi T.


"Love the jasmine smell! And yes it does make you feel amazing. I love what the Chocolate body butter does for my crape paper skin too. Feels so good." - Evelyn D.


"Yum!! I love my body butter!!" - Susan F.


"MERAKI BY NATURE!!! BEST. TOOTHPASTE. EVER. It tastes so so good, and their seasonal flavors are the absolute best. And they are almost sold out of the season flavors! I have one of every flavor. No regrets 😁 every ingredient in their toothpaste has benefits for your teeth and gums. Thank you for amazing products! I'm panicking already, because we made a dent in our Candy Cane 😭😅" - Ashlynn H.


"Seriously, the candy cane toothpaste is like brushing your teeth with Stephens peppermint hot cocoa." - Marsha J.


"I use your lip balm every night! I love it!" - Jana L.


"I love your toothpaste!!" - Alisa R.


"I LOVE your toothpaste. It is the best one I have ever tried!" - Sarah A.


"Love this stuff! I love brushing my teeth now!! - Jax D.


"I started using this a couple days ago and it’s true that your teeth feel smooth!! It was a pleasant, awesome surprise!" "I LOVE YOUR TOOTHPASTE!" - Charlotte V.


"I love the bubblegum! It’s my fav! I just want to eat it!" - Michon S.


"I have this tooth paste. My 3 year old loves it, and I swear his teeth look whiter too." - Cari S.


"Perfect peppermint is amazing! And yes I did catch a kid eating some..." - Diana V.


"Love my toothpaste!!!!" - Leslie F.


"I love pumpkin spice!! I need to try bubblegum!" - Jackie S.


"I really like the candy cane and I'm excited to try all of the flavors. " - Tracy L.


"I love your toothpaste!" - Michelle C.


"Y'all all need Meraki Toothpaste! It's incredible and SO delicious. I need to go place another order for the new flavors!." - Ash H.


"Meraki by Nature has an awesome bubblegum flavored toothpaste that’s all natural and awesome. It’s been helping my teeth and gums heal during this pregnancy (my teeth always get sooooo jacked up during pregnancy)!" - Julie B.


"I need to restock on these! They are my favorite flavors!" - Dianna S.


"My kids and I love the bubble gum! Can’t wait to try the orange cream." - Stephanie S.


"JUST got our Bubble Gum jar in yesterday. My three boys were in love! Totally awesome customer service. Thanks a ton!" - Jennifer B.