"Yard Sale"

We are minimizing & clearing out some personal belongings. In this section are gently used (& some new!) books, office/homeschool, crafts, clothing, decor & other items that we are passing on at deeply discounted prices, just as if they were being sold in an online yard sale or marketplace.

TAX FREE - There are some GREAT finds here.


Some items are "ship only," but most items are available (temporarily) for local pick-up.

IF, AND ONLY IF you are local or within driving distance to North Weber County, Utah & would like to pick up your item(s) instead of having them shipped to you, please:

(1) Use the code below for "Free Shipping" so you are not charged for shipping.
(2) Leave a note in the comments box at check out that you're local, so we can coordinate a meet-up or pick-up time.
(3) IF you are also ordering other "Meraki" products, you may include those in your "Yard Sale" order & pick them up at the same time. We do not normally do local pick-up, but we are temporarily allowing it for the "Yard Sale," as we have some locals purchasing large items that we won't ship. If you are ONLY ordering Meraki products & nothing from the "Yard Sale" page, please do not use the "Free Shipping" code. This is ONLY available for those who are ordering "Yard Sale" items (with or without Meraki products).

PLEASE remember to leave a note of local pick-up in the comment box at checkout! If I don't contact you within 24 hours, email (merakibynatureinfo@gmail.com) or private message me on Facebook to coordinate.

Again, if you are not purchasing "Yard Sale" items locally for pick-up, please DO NOT use the free shipping code. We will see that on our end & cancel the sale... Thank you!


Please make sure to read listings thoroughly, so you know its description & condition ahead of time. We do not sell junk, we promise. ALL YARD SALE ITEMS ARE FINAL. NO RETURNS.

*Be sure to check out our Meraki product Bargain Basket as well!

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