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Save your ears with our face mask Ear Savers. They sit conveniently behind your head & allow ear straps to be stretched & attached to the notches or buttons (depending on the style you choose) - so your ears are comfortable, not painful!

We have 3 different styles available.

  • Fabric w/ buttons
  • Ribbon w/ buttons
  • Plastic w/ notches

They come in various colors/designs & in 2 sizes (Child & Adult).

You may choose your gender/size, but actual colors/designs are chosen by us.

*Depending on supply, there may be individual colors/designs listed for your own choosing in the future... For now though, we promise that we'll do our best to match your strap style & size with the best design possible. :)

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Face Mask Ear Savers (Fabric w/ Buttons) - ALL SIZES
Corona Care Ear Savers (Ribbon w/ Buttons) - ALL SIZES
Face Mask Ear Savers (Plastic w/ Notches) - ALL SIZES